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ACES Tech is Ready for Fall 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a tremendous amount of uncertainty for schools...and families. The ACES Tech team has prepared a solid plan for ensuring that our students receive the high quality education they need to be prepared for future colleges and careers. When students learn from home, they will have the technology and supplies they need to participate fully.  When students learn at the school, they will be in the most modern and inviting environment they will experience anywhere. Either way, they will receive live instruction and interact with their classmates every school day. ACES Tech is ready! Here are some of the highlights of our plan:


Focus on Students

  • Our goal is to provide our students with ALL of the tools that they need to succeed. All students will receive the following:
  • HP Windows 10 Pro PC laptop (with laptop sleeve and mouse)
  • Backpack with laptop compartment and space for all books and supplies
  • Set of physical textbooks for English, Math, Science, and Music that students can write in and keep
  • 24/7 electronic access to all curriculum materials
  • Headphones will be provided to students who request them
  • Comcast high speed internet access will be provided by the school for families that qualify


Focus on Teachers

  • All of our teachers gained valuable experience by teaching LIVE daily lessons during our two-week Summer Boot Camp
  • All teachers receive state of the art technology to facilitate 21st century teaching 
  • Teachers have professional development in areas such as keeping students engaged and classroom management during online sessions 
  • Every classroom has the video and audio technology necessary for streaming classes via Microsoft Teams or Zoom
  • Classrooms have modern furniture which can be easily reconfigured to accommodate multiple teaching methods
  • ACES Tech classrooms are large enough to accommodate social distancing in school. Masks and hand sanitizer are available on site.


Focus on Content

  • All ACES Tech core curriculum is very highly rated by the state of New Mexico and and exceeds all required standards
  • All core curriculum is available in both print and digital form to accommodate online and in-class learning
  • All classes will contain a STEM component, including multi-class projects to drive deeper understanding of concepts
  • Music is a mandatory class for 6th graders, and all students will be provided a guitar and a digital recording program for the class
  • Spanish is not required for 6th grade, but all students will receive a Rosetta Stone subscription to begin their language studies early
  • Our teachers will use various games to keep learning fun while encouraging active participation throughout the school year