The ACES Tech Advantage

"The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting." Plutarch


The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. All students have dreams and the potential to reach them. ACES Tech offers a complete and exciting educational program designed to ensure students are exceptionally prepared for the college and career of their choice. We offer research-based instruction, interventions, and social emotional learning resources that are especially tailored to the needs of our students. ACES Tech also hires, and professionally develops, a team of teachers and staff who exhibit cultural understanding and sensitivities which support a safe and healthy school environment for our diverse student body.


Well-rounded Curriculum


ACES Tech provides a challenging and exciting STEM education...and much more. Our courses are designed to expose students to a multitude of areas, helping them to identify their own natural interests and talents. In addition to a standards aligned core curriculum (English, math, science, and social studies), all students will take courses in Spanish, music, physical education, and STEM.  In the area of STEM, students will learn topics such as computer assembly and coding, clean energy initiatives, and intro anatomy and physiology.


High Quality Instruction


ACES Tech utilizes research-based, state approved curriculum and we set high expectations for all students to achieve. We hire teachers who demonstrate successful teaching strategies and we invest in their growth through continuous professional development. Our teachers utilize flexible teaching approaches to adapt to and accommodate the learning needs our students.


One-to-One Technology


ACES Tech provides Windows based laptop PCs to all students. Windows laptops have the accessible file structures and storage capabilities that meet our requirements, and Microsoft 365 Education is the productivity suite that our teachers and students will use. Providing this state of the art technology to our students addresses at least two very important issues:

1) We are able to provide a full instructional day whether students are physically in the school building or they are learning from home.

2) We eliminate any digital divide concerns related to any student's access to a laptop which meets our technology criteria.


Data Driven Supports and Enrichment


ACES staff and teachers work as a team, meeting regularly to discuss multiple student progress indicators such as attendance, academic growth, and discipline. Teachers collaborate to support each others instruction, including participating in peer observations and providing constructive feedback. This work benefits all students, including those with disabilities and gifted students. During daily Tech Time, struggling students receive in-school tutoring and those on target and above participate in student-driven enrichment opportunities.


Character Education and Mindfulness


We proactively support the social emotional growth of our students as a means of promoting a positive and inclusive learning environment for all. Character education involves the teaching and exemplifying of core values, such as respect, responsibility, and fairness, throughout the school. Mindfulness targets areas such as self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Working on these areas lends itself to our core belief of maintaining healthy people and relationships. Helping our students to develop positive, respectful traits and community will help our school achieve its mission of preparing our students for college and career. 


College Readiness Mindset at the Middle and High School Levels


At ACES Tech we don’t just talk college readiness, we measure it. The charts below display research-based college and career readiness indicators, predictors, and factors for students in both middle and high school.2


College and Career
Indicators for Grades 6-8
College and Career
Predictors for Grades 6-8
College and Career
Factors for Grades 6-8
<10 percent absenteeism Rigorous Coursework Social Emotional Skills
Stay at the same school Commitment Decision-Making Skills
Positive Behavior Focus  
Pass Algebra 1  Follow Through  
ACT Aspire or PSAT 8 scores    
College and Career
Indicators for Grades 9-12
College and Career
Predictors for Grades 9-12
College and Career
Factors for Grades 9-12
<10 percent absenteeism Transfer schools ≤ 1 time Participate in SEL intervention
Pass Algebra 2 and PreCalculus Take the PSAT Meet with academic counselor
Fail ≤ 1 class in grade 9   Earn a Work Readiness Credential
3.0+ GPA    
Pass ≥ 1 AP Test    
Dual Enrollment participation    
ACT ≥ 21    
SAT ≥ 1030    
Summer bridge to college    

2 Hein, V., Smerdon, B., & Sambolt, M. (2013). Predictors of Postsecondary Success. American Institutes for Research.