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Open House Information for Prospective Families



ACES Tech is a STEM-focused school that opened in Albuquerque in the fall of 2020. We  started with 6th grade only, and then added 7th. In 2022, we began our elementary program with grades K-3, and will add 4th and 5th in fall 2023. Electrical engineer and educator Dr. Jeron Campbell is the founder and principal of the school. The mission of ACES Tech is to graduate students exceptionally prepared for any college and career of their choice.




Our principal and teachers have evaluated highly rated curriculum options for our core areas and selected the following. All of these core curriculum choices fully meet and exceed the national common core and New Mexico curriculum standards.

  • Mathematics - Carnegie Learning
  • English Language Arts - MyPerspectives
  • Science - Elevate Science
  • Social Studies - Cengage/National Geographic

In addition to the core subjects, all ACES Tech students receive instruction in fine arts (music and visual arts), health/physical education, global languages.


We use PowerSchool as our student information system (SIS) and Canvas as our learning management system (LMS). These systems allow our teachers to create and manage complete lesson plans online, and to easily track student progress. These systems also provide a convenient platform for students and parents to communicate with teachers at all times.


STEM Projects


All ACES Tech students will be expected to complete courses which are based upon the completion of individual and group projects. These courses will not have midterms and finals like core classes, but the grade will be based upon successful completion and presentation of the projects. These classes will be great for hands-on learners and will add important real world perspective to the general education coursework. At the middle school level, students will explore a variety of STEM topics. The goal is for them to select the areas that interest them most and dive deeper into researching those areas during the high school grades.


Example Project Areas:

  • Computer Hardware - every student will learn to dissasemble and reassemble a CPU.
  • Computer Programming - students will learn basic Python programming.
  • Electric Circuits - students will learn basic electronics and build circuits on a board.
  • Anatomy - students will learn the function of major organs and compare healthy and unhealthy tissues.
  • Infectious Diseases - students will learn about and investigate cases related to viruses, infections, and the immune system.




As a new charter school, we looked at a dozen potential facilities throughout southeast and central Albuquerque. Our current site at 4501 Montgomery Blvd NE was truly the best pick of the options. We are renting the second floor of the building, above the Evangel Christian School. The building was move-in ready and has all of the required up to date occupancy licences, and it also has a very nice gymnasium. We have a great central city location between I-25 and San Mateo Blvd. Our main office is on the first floor, near our entrance, and all of our classrooms are upstairs. Please note that the outside doors remain locked at all times, thus permission via the camera system is required to enter.