Who We Look For

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" 

Nelson Mandela


ACES Teachers

ACES seeks teachers who set high expectations and goals for themselves and their students. Our teachers create classroom learning environments which demonstrate the best in high quality instruction, student engagement, and belief in every student’s potential to succeed. Our teachers represent a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and work as a team to ensure that the ethnic and cultural diversity of our students and staff is respected and celebrated.


Expectations of Applicants

Passion: Throughout the hiring process, we are looking to experience your passion for teaching and learning and belief in all students.


Knowledge and Pedagogy: Teachers must demonstrate subject matter expertise, and experience in providing differentiated instruction and supports to meet student needs.


Community Skills: ACES school staff members work as a team to ensure the best education and outcomes for all students. Teachers are expected to build relationships with students, families, and colleagues. Classroom management and culturally responsive approach are key competencies as well.


Continuous Improvement Mindset: ACES staff use data to inform instruction and decisions. Teachers should highlight their experience using data to produce measurable results. Teachers are expected to participate in professional learning communities and be willing to be observed and receiving constructive feedback for continuous improvement.


General Hiring Process for Teachers


Application Review
Step 2:
Phone Interview
Step 3:
School Visit
Step 4:
Reference Check
Observe Class, Meet Teachers Sample Lesson or Role Play Feedback Session
Champion Principal Principal Principal
Board Member
School Staff
Board Member
School Staff
Board Member
School Staff
Process Review resume and application to assess qualifications Interview to evaluate teaching style and mission fit  Half day spent observing class and Q+A with staff 30 minute lesson Lesson / role play feedback; candidate self-assessment Check three references, one from past supervisor
Candidate Criteria Urban teaching experience;
Data driven instruction;
Desire to close achievement gap;
Mission fit
Instructional and class management styles; Evidence of data use;
Parental interaction
Fit with mission and culture Mastery of content and instruction; Effective interaction with students and others Self-reflection; response to feedback; desire to learn and grow; thoughts on achievement gap Strong references that support the interview experience to that point