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Summer Boot Camp 2020

ACES Tech will provide a two-week summer academic enrichment opportunity to all our incoming 6th grade students. Students will be provided with hard copies of the summer course pack and it will also be available on our website. The class is highly recommended for all incoming students and we look forward to an exciting two weeks of learning!


We will also offer a week of afternoon sessions for the community at large. All are welcome to join and experience lessons in several academic areas.

Quick Facts

  • The ACES Tech Summer Boot Camp is for all incoming students. Not mandatory but HIGHLY recommended.
  • The dates for the Boot Camp are Monday, July 6 - Friday, July 17. The overview with calendar is attached.
  • The courses will be taught LIVE, and we will forward the Zoom link directly to all of our parents. Our student laptops will not be available in time for the summer session so parents must ensure that students have the technology to participate.
  • Our Humanities (English and Social Studies) teachers will work together each day,  then our Math and Science teachers will work together. As one teaches, the other will be tech support. This will help our teachers learn the new technology available at our school.
  • Hard copies of the summer course pack were mailed to all accepted students. The Course Pack is also available below, separated by each day of the session.
  • We will also be having community sessions in the afternoons from July 13- July 17. These sessions will allow other parents to get a feel for our school's instruction. The community will have access to a separate Zoom link which will be posted on the website.
ACES Tech Summer Lessons
For All Rising 6th Graders (July 13 - 17)
Students from throughout the community are invited to join our 1 week of summer lessons. The lessons are tailored for students who will be entering the 6th grade this fall. The daily materials for the lessons are available below.
Dates: July 13 - 17
Times: 1 - 2pm each day
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 825 5952 2008
Password: 9x2x5C