Why Work at ACES?

What to Expect


Mission Driven Work

ACES Tech is a school dedicated to improving the academic success and life outcomes of all students. Our mission is to offer students a challenging and exciting educational experience and for all students to graduate prepared for the college and career of their choice. All children have innate gifts, and ACES Tech strives to motivate all students to develop their individual interests and capabilities. 


Continuous Professional Development

Our professional development plan ensures that our staff and teachers continue to grow and strengthen their practice throughout each year of their careers. Best practice modes of professional development that we invest in include learning walks and observations, traditional and online coursework, conferences, workshops, and school wide book studies.


An Environment Built for Learning

ACES Tech strives to build and maintain a culture of excellence in all that we do. We provide a safe and inspirational educational environment where the entire community is welcomed and engaged. ACES Tech offers a well-rounded curriculum where each student will be challenged to develop a variety of their personal intelligences. Our master schedule includes built-in time for teachers to work collaboratively to improve instruction and for students to receive the supports and enrichment opportunities they need to succeed.


Competitive Compensation Package

In order to attract and retain highly qualified and motivated teachers and staff, we offer a competitive salary scale and benefits package.


Professional and Collaborative Team

Our master schedule allows time for teachers to regularly participate in professional learning communities (PLCs). Teachers, along with support from staff, will work together to plan future lessons, create common assessments, analyze student achievement, and learn best practices for instruction. PLC teams will also identify and solve specific issues that affect learning, as well as discuss overall school culture and climate. 


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