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School Overview

ACES Technical Charter School (ACES Tech) has the goal of producing the STEM science, engineering, and healthcare leaders of tomorrow. We engage students with our standards aligned and research based academic program, project-based learning, and mentoring through our partnerships with local professionals and businesses. High school students have the opportunity to participate in dual credit college courses and pursue internships and apprenticeship preparation programs. To achieve our mission, ACES Tech staff uses data to inform our decisions and we are responsive to the personal and educational needs of all students.

Innovative Aspects of ACES Tech

The ACES Tech team identified five innovative features for our school. These are major initiatives and processes that we implement to ensure that ACES Tech provides the broad range of supports necessary for all students to succeed. 

Tech Time - The Tech Time period is used to offer both instructor-driven supports for students and student-driven activities and projects. On the support and intervention side, students who are struggling academically receive tutoring during the school day. In addition, we use the time to provide individual or small group supports to our special populations. On the creativity and growth side, students are given broad autonomy to invent and pursue activities and projects which represent their own burgeoning interests.
Focus on Imagination and Creativity - Throughout their years of study at ACES Tech, students are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity continually. Whether during independent assignments or group projects, students need to practice innovative thinking by considering multiple possibilities, considering alternate outcomes, and pondering open questions.
Culturally Competent Educational Environment - ACES Tech staff and teachers participate in professional development which emphasizes cultural competency and effective instruction in diverse classrooms. Among the strategies we use is ensuring that all students are exposed to a diverse range of standards-aligned literature, historical figures, and imagery throughout their educational experience. Students have the opportunity to collectively create activities and projects, and are encouraged to celebrate the cultures and contributions of people of many origins.
Character Education and Mindfulness - As a means of addressing the social emotional learning needs of all students, ACES Tech incorporates character education and mindfulness as key parts of our instructional model. Practicing mindfulness is an enabler for improved day to day behavior and culture in the school. It targets areas such as self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Helping our students to develop positive, respectful traits and community will help our school achieve its mission of preparing our students for colleges and careers.
Industry Certificate Program Integration - ACES Tech provides opportunities for students to attain industry recognized certificates before graduating high school. Upon obtaining a certificate, students have the option to work in that field full time upon graduation, use the certificate as a stepping stone to higher certifications, or use the current certificate(s) to work in the field and gain valuable experience as they complete their college degree.
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Note: School bus transportation will be provided for interested families. Routes will be determined after students are admitted and we know the addresses.